Contact Reports
Create reports from your contacts!
Ever wanted to produce printed reports from your contacts but were not satisfied with the options? All you need to do is export your contact information from your current program into "Outlook CSV" format. Most email programs support this option, including Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Windows Mail, etc. This web site allows you to upload that file and produce 3 different reports.


  1. Export your contacts from your email program as "Outlook CSV (Comma Separated Values)" and save it to your computer.
  2. Select that file from your computer using the "Choose File" button below.
  3. Click on the "upload file" button below
  4. Optionally choose settings on the next page to limit the contacts to display
  5. Click on a report that you want to view
  6. If you have any issues or things don't work as you'd expect them, check out the technical details.

By uploading your file, you understand that the reports are provided as-is.


Sound like too much? Try out the Sample contacts first. Also print Return Address Labels.