Folder Clone
folderClone.exe version,
last updated 6/19/2011
Command Line Arguments
/DELETE​[:n] This switch will delete files/folders in the destination folder that don't exist in the source folder
/DELETE:0 do not delete files (default if switch not used) /DELETE[:1] Permanently delete files/folders (default if switch is used) /DELETE:2 Send deleted files to the recycle bin. This is safer, but much slower
/COPYALL Copy all files regardless of file size and dates
/NOPROGESS Do not display progress when copying files. This may be faster on some computers
/SUMMARY​[:n] Determines which version of the summary to display /SUMMARY:0 - Always display the summary (default)
/SUMMARY:1 - Only show the summary if errors exist /SUMMARY:2 - Never show the summary
/IFSE Ignores folder security Errors when retrieving directory listings. This is needed if your directory contains a junction point (like your "My Documents" folder) because this program does not and cannot parse into junction folders.
/INFO More detailed info about what the program does behind the scenes
/? Help Screen
Why did I write this?
For a while, I was using XXCOPY /CLONE to backup files on my notebook to my desktop. It was fine and fairly fast, but it kept breaking when a service pack was applied, and I often wouldn't even know about it. I finally switched to ROBOCOPY /MIR, but that was just so darn slow when just comparing files (i.e. iTunes folder). So, I wanted to write something very specific that was as efficient as possible when comparing files, since more often than not, my backup will not copy files.