iTunes® Playlist Export
iTunesPlaylistExport.exe version 0.99.4,
last updated 12/4/2012
Command Line Parameters
/IN pass in the location of the iTunes® playlist library.
example: /IN:c:\Music​\iTunes​\myLibrary.xml
if this argument is omitted, the playlist is assumed to be in the current user's Music folder under \iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml
/OUT The folder to save playlists to.
example: /out:PlaylistsExported
if this argument is omitted, the playlist is assumed to be in the current user's Music folder under \iTunes\PlaylistsExported
/SHUFFLE Shuffle the songs in the playlist. By default, playlists are shuffled 4 times, but if you want to customize, use /SHUFFLE:7 to shuffle 7 times
/PLAYLISTS Pass the playlist names to export. This argument accepts a list of playlists separated by semi-colons or a filename containing one playlist name per line. Example: /PLAYLISTS:New-Top 25;Family Safe;Dance Music
Example: /PLAYLISTS:​@Playlists.txt
/STARS:n Optionally include only songs with a specific star rating. Multiple stars can be separated by a semi-colon /STARS:0;5 includes songs with 0 and 5 stars
/CHECKED Optionally include only songs that are checked
/RELATIVE Converts song filename paths from c:\Users\MyName​\Music​\iTunes​\iTunes Music​\artist​\album​\song.m4a to something relative to the /OUT folder, usually ..\iTunes Music​\artist​\album​\song.m4a
/REPLACE replaces text at the beginning of filepaths. This is helpful if you're working with a backup of the iTunes folder and the /relative switch won't work. The following example will replace c:\Users​\MyName​\Music​\iTunes\ with ..\
/COPY Copies the music to the Music\ subfolder of the /OUT folder. The progress updates every 5 songs.
/SYNC​[:logfile] Deletes songs in the output music subfolder that were not referenced in any of the playlists exported during the current program execution. Empty folders are deleted as well /SYNC will just delete, but if you use this switch like /SYNC:logfile.txt then a log file will be created in the program's folder with a list of all deleted files
/EXCLUDE​TYPE a list of song file extensions separated by a semi-colon. The protected songs can be omitted by using this switch.
Example: /ExcludeType:M4P
/FORMAT The format of playlist to create:
/FORMAT:WPL Windows Media Player Playlist
/FORMAT:M3UE MP3/WinAmp (extended)
/FORMAT:M3U8E MP3/WinAmp (extended)
/FORMAT:COPYONLY Don't create playlist files, just copy files
/NOWARN Suppresses warning messages
/Q Quiet output. Only displays the number of exported playlists, /COPY file progress, errors, and mandatory questions
/INFO More detailed info about what the program does behind the scenes
Why did I write this?
When I got a new blu-ray player, I didn't know what DLNA was, and it wasn't until I finally got a new computer that all of a sudden I saw my computer's music library on the blu-ray player. Once I set up a junction file, I was able to browse a backup copy of our laptop's iTunes library. Browsing the whole library was cumbersome, so I started looking for tools to export the iTunes playlist. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I didn't find anything that did exactly what I wanted it to do. So, I started looking for a free compiler to write my own program. I didn't realize that the .net framework came with a free compiler, so i was happy about that. Once I started it, I got to thinking that other people could be in the same boat. Here we are. I hope this program does everything you need it to do.