iTunesPlaylistExport Program Version Info
Date: 12/04/2012
  1. On iTunes 11, some tracks in the library didn't have a file location and was causing a program crash. iTunes indicated these tracks were available on iCloud. These tracks are no longer loaded into the library.
Date: 12/30/2011
  1. add /STARS option to include songs with a specific star rating
  2. add /CHECKED option to include songs only if they are checked
  3. someone reported an invalid cast from string to an integer. Now handle tracks in the library that have an empty track lengths
Date: 6/2/2011
  1. beta2 release
  2. replace directory retrieval, file comparison, file copy with faster, more robust code from newer folderClone program
  3. thanks to folderClone code, reliance of .NET 4.0 is gone. Now it only needs v2.0 or newer
  4. /REPLACE now works when /COPY is used
Date: 4/23/2011
  1. initial beta release
  2. playlist export, file copy, sync
  3. Microsoft.Net 4.0