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This site is a free tool designed using free and easy tools. For cleanest printing, MS Internet Explorer should be used. To print mailing labels, MS Internet Explorer 10 must be used. Your results may vary, but tested on windows PCs using Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10.0, Mozilla Firefox 23.0, Google Chrome 28.0, Opera 15.0 and Apple Safari 5.1. IE10 seems to follow all print formatting rules. Firefox follows most and will work for everything except the mailing labels.

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Report includes Name, Address, Dates, Phone Numbers, and notes.
Birthday/Anniversary report
Report includes date, Event type (Birthday/anniversary), and Name, sorted by the day of the year.
Print Mailing Labels or Envelopes
Print mailing labels onto Avery® template 5160. Please note that this prints best using Internet Exlorer 10. See note above. Your results may vary, but test on plain paper first!
Also print Return Address Labels.
Print onto custom sized envelopes. You may need to duplicate envelope size in your printer settings. Please note that envelopes print best using Google Chrome. See note above. Your results may vary, but test on plain paper first!
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After reading the technical info, see how your data is manipulated and optionally export to a CSV file.
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Your contact data is automatically deleted after 30 days, but this option deletes your data file immediately and allows you to upload another file. Your current file was last modified 5/31/2017.
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