Contact Reports - Tech Details
The purpose of this web site is to produce printed reports, in other words printing data that will be useful on a piece of paper. This site was developed to solve a personal problem, but extended to help others too.

Here is some technical information and some rules that this web site uses.

  1. CSV files must be properly formatted and should have quotes around the fields
    1. To view the fields from your file that the site uses, click on the "raw data" button. Business name/address is only used if a home address is missing. Everything without a "Custom:" prefix in the name is read in from your file.
  2. By default, only contacts with an address, event date, or phone number are considered for displaying in the report. For instance, contacts with email address only are not included.
  3. The "Custom Name" for mailing labels option allows you to define a field in your file that is used for the first line of mailing labels. This allows you to print "The Smith Family" instead of "John Smith"
    1. Suggested Fields are: Account, Department, Location, Language
  4. First Name, Middle Name, Last Name are combined into a "Custom:Name" field. If that resulting field is blank, the company name is used as the name and last name.
  5. PO Box, Street Address, City, State, Zip are formatted into the address.
    • If PO box is present, street address is not used.
    • State is converted to upper-case.
    • Country (if present) is placed on the last address line.
  6. Home address is used first. If not available, business address is used. This is the only reason business address is used.
  7. For dates, the date must be valid. Since google allows dates "without year" there is a check to only display month/day if the year is the greater than or equal to the current year.
  8. Only a small set of notes prints due to space considerations. The size will dynamically grow if there are more phone numbers in an entry.
  9. the "Custom:Include" column in the raw data report is used internally when a filter is specified. It will always be "true" on the raw data report
  10. Reports are created using CSS properties that are not supported in all browsers:
    1. Mailing labels should print 3 across and 10 down per page
    2. Page margins should be about 0.25 inches
    3. A contact entry should not be split between pages
  11. The mailing label report required special maneuvering to print labels in columns first, then rows. If you notice problems with this, please let me know.
  12. Data is retained on the server for 30 days to make returning to the site easier for the visitor. You can delete the file as soon as you are done by clicking on the "delete" button. Your data will not be viewed by unless you contact us with a problem.